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Sadness… - 28 Nov 2023 16:39


Sam moved away yesterday. We weren’t that good friends, but… it still hurts. I wish I had like, gotten his phone number or something, but I didn’t, and now he’s in Philadelphia. On the bright side, it’s always sunny there! 😔 - Comments: 0

A numbah of small things - 23 Nov 2023 18:05

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This post isn’t about anything in particular, just kind of a number of small things.
Item Numbah one!(Why “numbah” instead of “number”? I guess we’ll never know.) My dad got Covid🦠. He’s, like, all the way better, even though he’s still testing positive, so we’re still going to thanksgiving. (My mom’s sister doesn’t care. Not going to get any more political than that.) Miraculously, my mom and I didn’t get sick. (At least with Covid. Technically we got sick, but tested negative the whole time.)
Item Numbah one point five! Just kidding, apparently he tested negative as I wrote that. Uhhhhh…
Item Numbah two! I tried a new mod for Minecraft, and it’s… I don’t know how to describe it. Have you ever heard of Scape and Run: Parasites? It’s a mod that basically turns Minecraft into a horror game. There are these creatures called parasites, and… on second thought, I’ll let you play it for yourself. But it’s freaky!
Item Numbah three! MustacheLabs tech support is now available! Call us at (510) 301-8305 for help with all your MLabs devices!
Item Numb- Wait, what? Oh, okay. Nothing left to talk about? Really? Fine. Guess I’ll see you next time! - Comments: 0

The Tradenarkers Connected Universe (TCU) - 03 Nov 2023 21:49

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As I mentioned in my first post, I like ARGs. They just seem so cool to me. Same with connected universes. I'm a fan of MatPat, so don't sue me when I say I love the LOOOOOOORRRRREEEEE. It's just so cool to me that there could be a world hidden inside the internet. It's also why I like the SCP foundation. It's also why I like Omega Mart. But I felt like there just wasn't enough. So what did I do? I made my own. Sue me. (Don't do that, it was a bad joke.) I am actually pretty proud of it, and I coded it all myself, unlike this blog. It mostly takes place in my websites, but part of it is on my YouTube, and part is even in real life! (Let's just say, don't be too surprised if you see a flyer for 'A company you can trust.') You can start searching here. You'll see a little logo in the top-left corner. Clicking on it will bring you to my youtube channel. On your keyboard, you should see a little power button. Pressing it will bring you to real life. Well, see ya next time, where I have no idea what I'll talk about. When I started this blog, I thought my life was more interesting than I'm realizing it is. Bye! - Comments: 0

Throwback Thursday! A few journal entries from times of old. - 02 Nov 2023 20:24

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I just wanna say, I really did believe all this. Also, I’m going to leave spelling and grammar and stuff in here, for the sake of realism.

++august 22, 2020

So Hi! I want to do this quick, because mojang has a terrible secret! Okay, rewind. minecraft is a video game, and mojang is the company that crated it. Anyway the secret is called herobrine. herobrine is a godlike boss hidden deep within the game’s code. the creators did a good job of capturing herobrine, but not good enough. in fact, he is rewriting codeas I write! I know he is hunting me down. and he is quite close. He’s in my mine craft world, which is just in the next room! I know he’s out to get me, so I have to get good gear. That world is currently in creative mode so I can’t die, but herobrine uses the power of comands, So he can switch the gamemode to survival mode, so I can die. he can also make a bunch of animals attack you, and I mean like all the animals’ eyes turn pure white and attack you. He can also kill you in real life, so that makes him much more of a threat.

++Sep. 3 2020
I’m back! today was curt’s birthday, and it was awesome. we pretty much just played with my present [the one I gave him.) It was two lightsabers that combine to make a doble-bladed lightsaber! curt LOVED it. His party was pretty much minecraft-themed. He had a really coOl cake with buttery frosting, chocolate chips in the middle and SNICK KIT KAT bars all around. He also had a bunch of balloons that looked like mob faces. it was pretty legendary. But the weird part was, grace acted even more like the boss “I want the green lightsaber!” Curt: no grace! “I want the green lightsaber!” Oh, did I mention i’m sneaking this? yep, I’m supposed to be sleeping. Actually, I’m gonna stop there. Bye!

…I made that many spelling errors? Since when? - Comments: 0

My Friends/Enemies/Frenemies, not that anyone uses that word. - 02 Nov 2023 00:57

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A story is built on characters and reasons. -Steven Amsterdam
That is a true statement. A story is not about a setting, or objects. A plot and a conflict both come from the characters. There could not be a story without characters. Let me tell you some of the characters in my story.


  • Curt - Curt lives across the street from me, and while we are absolutely best friends, he can get a little mean, or rather, insensitive. We've been friends since I moved to [Redacted], and the close proximity means that we see each other constantly. In addition, he can dish it out but can't take it.
  • Gabe - Gabe is non-binary, and they can be a little condescending. We've been friends since preschool, and we know each other well. Sometimes too well.
  • Henry - Henry has ADHD and can have trouble listening to instructions and focusing. He'll sometimes obsess over some video game (Currently Super Mario Odyssey), and tell me EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! But despite that, he's a really loyal friend. He's a kinda jerk the least out of all of my friends, and he used to be my shadow.
  • Duncan - Duncan supposedly was friends with Henry before they were friends with me, but I dunno. Maybe they were. But anyway, he used to be super insensitive, but he's gotten a lot better over the years. A lot of people (who will pop in and out through every post) have as well. He hangs out with me at school the most, but he'll sometimes be annoyed that I can't run around every day.
  • Ollie - that's me! I can sometimes be a little sensitive, but I've gotten a lot better. I mostly only cry when something hurts, or when something is unfair in one way or another. I code, write, read, make videos, and stuff that you can probably find on the internet somewhere. I'm why our group (The Normals) is not torn to shreds.
  • Parker - the only girl in the group. She's kinda badass. I may or may not have a teensy-tiny little crush on her. Others on this list do too, but it's not fair to say who, for privacy reasons.


  • Tarek - this guy was a jerk about Gabe being non-binary, and we came down on him HARD, and made Gabe a card about how "We love them just the way they are!" and all signed it. He and Gabe made up after that, but recently Tarek didn't let Gabe into a basketball game and declared he was against LGBTQIA because it was against his religion, and that he was Muslim and didn’t want to go to hell. I respect that, but disagree. He’s also just generally not the best.
  • Zachary - Duncan’s twin brother, hates me because, and I quote, “He has too many journals.””
  • Alex - Very short, but tries to be tough. He succeeds only in his own mind.

Frenemies, or people I don’t really know where I stand with

  • Calvin - Calvin, at the start of the year, was… making people uncomfortable 😳 , so all my friends defaulted to disliking him, but he stopped mostly, and they didn’t, so I don’t really know.
  • Sam - Sam is sorta my friend, but he tries to, y’know, take so many pages out of my book that they’re the same book, then accuses me of plagiarism.
  • Ayla - Sam likes her, and Gabe likes her, and she likes them back (Gabe). She’s always acted like she knows I have a crush on her (I don’t), and she’s teasing me. ??? - Comments: 0

Welcome! - 01 Nov 2023 18:31

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Hello, hello, HELLO!
I am a less-than-simple boy in a less-than-simple world. I wanted a blog. Now I have a blog. (don't tell my parents.) I'll talk about my life, or just, y'know, stuff I'm thinking about. It might be boring (Sorry!) but if you're bored, you're on the internet, and surfing never does get old. Anyway, I have friends who can kinda suck, enemies/jerks who can REALLY suck, and access to an internet that can suck to infinity and beyond. I like to make websites and I have been trying to make an ARG for years. Or maybe it already exists… I have a YouTube channel but I can only watch one channel besides my own. Welp, see ya next post, where I rant about something else! - Comments: 0

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